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Avaaz: Friends of Syria meeting in Tunis shameful missed opportunity

Syrian civilians were looking to this meeting today to offer specific measures to end the bloodshed and protect civilians from the endless barrage of tanks. While the Friends of Syria meeting produced a declaration that called for a ceasefire and reiterated other diplomatic demands that the regime has repeatedly refused to heed, it did not provide the actual lifeline needed by the people who are crying out for the world's help as they are slaughtered in greater numbers by the day. Yesterday Avaaz reported another 100 civilian deaths, bringing the total to over 9,000 since hostilities began.

Ricken Patel, Executive Director of Avaaz, said:  

“The test of success today for the Syrian people was whether the shelling and snipers would stop and the ambulances would arrive. Under this test, the meeting failed to go far enough, fast enough. Syrians urgently need humanitarian aid, safe zones, comprehensive sanctions on the regime, and a real plan for a transition of power, but they also need assurances that the international community will step up to protect them from the bombs that are raining down on their homes. They didn’t get that today. We owe the Syrian people more."

CONTACT IN TUNIS: Daniel Kessler, daniel@avaaz.org, +1 510 501 1779