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Tell Europe: 100% Clean energy to tackle the climate emergency!

Tips for writing

  • Take a second to think about who you are writing to and why - try to put yourself in their shoes.

  • Set your state - what do you want to say, why does this matter to you?

  • Write for connection - use the points on this page to find points of connection, and write from that place, reaching out to them as a fellow human being.

  • Don’t be shrill and demand things - offer insights, arguments, and inspiration.

  • Make your point - scientists say we need to END carbon pollution and rapidly shift to 100% clean energy to save our climate.

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The European Union could be about to decide the future of our planet. EU leaders will meet to discuss whether to END carbon pollution! This is HUGE -- and could set the tone for other countries to do the same. 

The meeting starts in days -- let’s flood Donald Tusk, the President of the EU Council, and other key leaders with inspiring messages and letters pushing them to support the plan for 100% clean energy. 

Key facts to help you write! 

  1. Europe’s people back the clean energy revolution! 77% of  European citizens are deeply concerned about climate change, and want their governments to lead.
  2. Europe is a driving force on climate action. For nearly 30 years the EU has driven  international progress on climate change, and in 2015 helped give birth to the Paris Climate Agreement, the world’s best shot at avoiding climate catastrophe!
  3. Europe has fought for the Paris agreement -- which mandates a shift to 100% clean. When Trump pulled out of the climate agreement, Europe has defended it. Its cities, businesses, citizens, and countries have all stepped in to lead.  
  4. This is the next big test for the Paris climate deal - Under the deal countries must increase their climate action every 5 years. The EU decision will show how far and how fast Europe is willing to go, setting the tone for the whole world, just as countries like China and India develop their plans. We don't have 5 years to lose -- that’s why this decision is so urgent and important.    
  5. Europe just experienced a ‘green wave’ in its parliamentary elections -- its politics has become greener and in some countries nearly 20% of people voted for the environment!
  6. Powerful European businesses are becoming greener -- they see the economic opportunities for clean energy. Some of the biggest renewable energy companies are in Europe.