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New Year Poll: Setting the Agenda for 2013

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Right now, members across the world are setting the course for where Avaaz and global people power should go next! Initial poll results are displayed below.

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When we work together, anything is possible.

** You can take the poll here and then give your comments and suggestions in an Avaaz 2013 global conversation with other members by clicking here.

Priority Issues for Avaaz to focus on in 2013

Members were asked to rank these issues in order of priority from 1-9. The chart reflects the percentage of respondents who ranked these issues as their 1st, 2nd or 3rd priority.

Human rights, torture, genocide, human trafficking 60.28%

Political corruption and abuse of power 46.44%

Climate change and the environment 45.92%

Economic policy that benefits the common good over the elite few 45.44%

Poverty, disease and development 42.14%

War, peace and security 40.5%

Biodiversity and Conservation 33.18%

Democracy movements and challenging tyrannical regimes 32.18%

Food and health 31.1%

Campaigns that Avaaz should prioritize for 2013

Members were asked to choose their campaign priorities. The chart shows the percentage of members who felt "very strongly" that we should campaign on this issue.

Combat political corruption across the world. 44.76%

                                Fight the 'rape trade'.                                 44.70%                            

Achieve a strong global climate treaty. 41.54%

Stop deforestation 39.58%

Fight the global war on women. 37.72%

Protect our oceans and biodiversity. 35.84%

Help end poverty. 35.84%

Protect Internet freedom. 33.66%

Promote culture change and greater civic engagement. 29.06%

End fossil fuels subsidies. 27.6%

Protect free media and challenge censorship. 24.86%

Promote peace in Israel and Palestine. 22.46%

Revitalize multilateral institutions like the United Nations. 20.28%

Challenge anti-gay laws. 19.28%

End the failed War on Drugs. 16.92%

Big new directions for Avaaz for 2013

Members were asked to state if they support or oppose these ideas and then prioritise them from 1-6. The chart reflects the percentage of members who ranked these issues as their top 3 big new directions for Avaaz for 2013. Go to the poll to see full explanations of these big ideas.

Radically Grow the Size and Power of Our Community 70.76%

                                People Powered Media -- Go big with the Avaaz ‘Daily Briefing’                                 65.8%                            


Try a New Approach to Campaigning - Culture Change 58.72%

Avaaz 2.0 : Amp up our Community Petition Site 58.52%

                                Go Offline in a Big Way                                 54.32%                            

Build our Brand 42.32

How members feel about Avaaz

Avaaz is awesome — together we can really change the world!

Avaaz is great — our community does inspiring work

Avaaz is good — I'm happy to support it

Avaaz is OK — not sure about how good it is

How good a job Avaaz is doing





How Avaaz should use this poll

Use this poll as a guide, but continue to stay nimble and react to world events even when this shifts priorities.

Regard this poll just as input, and continue to make decisions on a purely nimble basis.

Use this poll as a binding mandate from our community about what we should do in the upcoming year.


Through this global poll, we're coming together to decide our priorities and set the agenda for Avaaz and people power in 2013. But delivering on this agenda will take serious resources.

Avaaz is an independent, not-for-profit global campaign network that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people inform global decision-making. Avaaz relies entirely on small donations and receives no money from governments or corporations. Our tiny, high-skilled online team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way.

What we do works -- donate now using this secure form! (and consider making your contribution weekly -- it will help sustain Avaaz's work all year.)

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