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Safeguard our movement

Safeguard our movement

The pressure on a few of my staff at Avaaz is reaching a breaking point: they've received death threats, had their computers and emails hacked, been threatened on television and radio, and one even had his car tampered with! Our campaigner Wissam was detained at the Cairo airport while delivering our call to stop Egypt's largest mass execution in recent history, taken into a windowless room and interrogated for hours -- drilled with chillingly well-informed questions about his personal life, travel, and work with Avaaz!

I've gotten threatening messages and hacks, but nothing compared to the threats these campaigners face. Let's stand behind these brave people who speak our community's truth to power.

The threats will get worse as we become larger and more effective, taking on some of the most entrenched and powerful players on the planet. That's why Avaaz needs to triple-reinforce our security systems, including legal counsel to stand ready for emergencies, media support to raise the alarm if people are threatened, better encryption, and the resources to move staff to a safe location when the pressure gets to be too much.

Pledge now to quickly scale up the protection Avaaz needs.

Ricken Patel, Avaaz Executive Director