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Power the Plan to Stop Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson just got the election he's been begging for.

But while he's riding high in the polls, he's in for a nasty shock.

Because polls don't decide elections; people do -- and if we launch a mega election campaign to unite opposition voters, we can crush his election dreams… and stack parliament with Brexit-stopping MPs!

We know this works. In 2017 the polls predicted a stomping majority for Theresa May -- but then 6 million people voted tactically, and she lost it all.

Now we'll do it again -- but even bigger!

Election laws mean Avaaz UK can only spend what we raise with this email -- but if we all chip in now, we can launch a highly-targeted tactical voting blitz, arming millions of voters with vital information that could smash Boris's election to bits -- let's do it!

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Posted: 29 October 2019