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European Union: Make Ecocide a Crime Now

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European Union: Make Ecocide a Crime Now

We could be on the forefront of a historical moment: on Tuesday, the EU could determine whether it will make "ecocide" - the mass destruction of nature - a crime.

Over 500,000 of us have called on the EU to do so - and already Parliament has heeded our call! Now the Commission, and the Council will sit together for the first time to decide whether they will hear us too.

We are closer than ever to this moment, but we need to make sure our governments are on board too.

That's where you come in -- if enough of us send a message to Europe’s Ministers, we can convince them to join our fight! So let's push them into action by flooding the Ministers with messages of encouragement.

Tell them from the heart why the protection of nature against mass destruction matters to you. Here are some ideas that may inspire you, but please remember to be kind and respectful, and to use your own words.
  • We need to make ecocide a crime: the new article proposed by the Parliament (Article 3, paragraph 1a (new)) must be included in the final text of the revised EU directive on environmental crimes;
  • Europe needs to be a bold leader and set the example for the world to follow;
  • I am one of the half a million citizens calling on you to take environmental protection seriously and ensure the preservation of our planet's precious natural resources for generations to come!

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