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The 99% speak out

The "occupy" movement is catching fire across the world and has achieved a radical shift in the way we think about our politics. Now, the world is asking, how can the movement win?

From New York to London, politicians and the police have been bought off to protect corporate interests. They are forcibly evicting the peaceful protesters from public spaces and discrediting the movement in the media as "dirty hippies" and "violent criminals" with no clear agenda. It's not hard to see why they're so nervous: the occupiers have sparked a vital battle of ideas, and the corrupt, elite 1% stand to lose everything.

Now, it's make or break time! Let's help the movement win by funding a major global opinion poll in dozens of countries that clearly shows this is not a fringe movement that can be crushed, but a political project with massive public support.

The poll will supercharge the movement and offer both a united vision and the mass-based public legitimacy it needs to take on and take down the system that feeds the 1%. The need is urgent -- 10,000 of us donated in the first 24 hours! If another 10,000 donate now we will be able to run the poll across the world next week and run a huge media campaign to take this battle to the next level!

Posted: 22 November 2011