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Help halve rapes!

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14-year-old Janika was found half-naked in her grandmother’s yard. She’d been raped, then beaten to death with a concrete block, another casualty of the sickening rape epidemic sweeping South Africa.

It’s horrific -- but now there’s something we can do about it.

A scientifically-proven educational programme provided to hundreds of thousands of young people in East Africa has cut the number of rapes in HALF. Instructors go into schools to teach boys about consent and how to stand up for women, while girls learn self-defence and how to spot risks. Organisers say it’s prevented more than 200,000 assaults! 

Now they want to roll it out across Africa, where almost half of all women face physical and sexual violence in their lifetimes. But to do it they need funds -- and they’re asking our movement for help.

If we raise enough, we can help spread this game-changing programme across the continent and launch urgent campaigns to end violence against women globally. Starting in South Africa, we’ll fund world-class instructors, training at least ten thousand girls and boys, and back groundbreaking research to take the model across the world.

No girl should go through the horror that Janika faced -- so chip in now to help cut rape in half.
Posted: 28 November 2019