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Make Ecocide a crime!

Governments and lawmakers across Europe, the world, and State Parties to the International Criminal Court:

We, citizens of the world, cannot remain silent while our planet's natural resources and biodiversity are threatened by ecocide. We urge you to take all measures necessary to criminalise ecocide in national and international legislation. We demand urgent legal protections in the whole world that can ensure the preservation of our planet's precious natural resources for generations to come. We also ask for the investigations and prosecution of any war crimes against the environment committed by Russian troops in Ukraine.

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Make Ecocide a crime!

Russian troops have killed thousands and displaced millions. They are also destroying Ukraine's environment, toxifying its soil, and burning its forests and fields. 600 species of animals and 880 species of plants are now under threat.

Altogether, the damage to the environment amounts to over 50 billion dollars. But ecocide, the act of severely destroying the environment, is not considered an international crime.

But there is hope: the European Union is about to decide on making the mass destruction of its nature illegal. If they act, it could set an example for the world to follow -- and a campaign supported by 1 million of us would show that people everywhere are against the destruction of Mother Earth.

Sign now demanding the criminalisation of ecocide and we'll deliver our voices straight to key decision makers.

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