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Power the movement for all life on Earth

11,000 scientists just announced that climate change has us on track for ‘untold suffering’, while the UN says the collapse of our ecosystems could wipe out a **MILLION** species.

And, we could be one of them.

There used to be many "environmental issues". But now, it's all one struggle. For life itself. We’re not separate from nature -- we ARE nature, and in this struggle we can find our true selves: not a virus that plagues this planet, but a species that protects all life.

Millions of us have backed Avaaz campaigns for 100% clean energy, and for "50/50", a game-changing plan to protect half our planet for nature. But to win, we must bring these two giant campaigns together in a massive worldwide movement for life itself -- and we need to do it fast.

2020 is THE year to do it, with two major global summits in China and the UK that will decide whether to urgently protect nature and cut carbon pollution.

If 10,000 of us chip in just the cost of a cup of coffee a week, we can make building this movement our major focus for the next year, with huge marches, campaigns targeting key leaders, and a massive media push, to make 2020 the turning point for all life on Earth. Chip in now.
Posted: 20 December 2019