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Avaaz has come under attack from a major corporate media empire -- owned by billionaire Pierre Karl Peladeau -- after opposing their efforts to get special financial favours from the Canadian government. Around the world collusion between media corporations and elected leaders is undermining democracy, often using divisive messages poison and polarize public debate.

Avaaz has been threatened with a lawsuit if we don't remove our campaign within 24 hours. Let's show media barons their tactics will backfire. Donate below to meet their legal threats head on and take the fight against crony-media to the press and the courts.

The money will be used for a) a legal defence fund to ensure that Avaaz can't be intimidated by expensive lawsuits and, b) pursuing Avaaz campaigning against crony-media and for democracy and freedom of expression around the world.

The more money we donate, the stronger message we send. Donate below:

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