It's time for a miracle

To the families of Pope Mountain:

As citizens from around the world, we want you to know that you are not alone. We stand with you and support your nonviolent sit-in to defend your homes. We call on all world leaders to urgently demand that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu cancel all plans to wipe out this community. We specifically call on the European Union and International Criminal Court to urgently take action and make clear to the Israeli government that destroying this community will have serious repercussions.

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Near the hilltops of the village of Bethany, 2000 years ago, it is said that Jesus Christ brought Lazarus back to life.

Today, on these exact hilltops, an indigenous community of 2700 people is going to be bulldozed to the ground. Their homes, land, and way of life completely wiped out.

But this community, the families of Pope Mountain, are refusing to go silently into the darkness. Instead, they plan to rise up against the bulldozers by nonviolently “sitting-in” their homes. It’s a huge risk, but they’re betting on a miracle: that their act of courage will inspire global public opinion to come together fast enough to stop the bulldozers in their tracks before they crush them.

We can be that miracle.

The military wants this destruction to happen under total media darkness. Add your name to this petition, and the Avaaz team will set up a projection of all of our names onto the homes and lands of this community -- so that when the bulldozers and military come, they won’t just see a small community huddling in fear inside their homes -- they’ll see the world standing as a protective shield around the families of Pope Mountain.

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