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Sign the urgent 5-point plan for the Glasgow climate summit

To leaders in the UK, U.S., Italy, China, and other G20 countries:

We firmly stand with developing nations who are being hit the hardest by the crisis, and support their plan to demand:
✅ Rapid emissions cuts to keep 1.5°C within reach
✅ $100 billion in promised support well before the Glasgow summit
✅ Adaptation supported by at least 50% of the funds
✅ Support for loss and damage from climate impacts
✅ Immediate implementation of commitments under the Paris Agreement

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Recent signers

Sign the urgent 5-point plan for the Glasgow climate summit
What we’ve long feared just happened: scientists announced that the Amazon rainforest is now emitting more CO2 than it can absorb. Fires, deforestation and droughts are killing the forest -- and with it, one of our last best chances to stop climate catastrophe.

That’s a tipping point.

It MUST be a wake up call.

Now we must turn this tipping point in nature into a tipping point for change! Leaders representing nearly 100 countries most affected by the climate crisis just came together to offer a bold vision to protect our planet, ahead of the major Glasgow climate summit in 3 months.

They're meeting with the world's most polluting countries next week -- and urgently need our help. Let each of our signatures be a drop that together creates a people-powered tsunami, and give those who will be most affected by climate change the backing they need to face this injustice with bravery.

Sign now, and once we have enough, our voices will be presented to Ministers directly next week!

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