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Help Save Lives in Yemen

Help Save Lives in Yemen

Starving children don't cry.

Their tiny bodies can't waste energy on tears. Instead they use every last calorie to keep their organs pumping.

But for 4-year old Abdo Sayid, who weighed only 14 pounds, that became too much.

Like roughly 85,000 other children in Yemen, he starved to death, unable to get enough food or medical care during the devastating civil war. Half of all medical facilities have been destroyed or forced to close, and 80% of the population needs urgent humanitarian aid -- including 12 million children.

12 million children.

The situation is critical. But while we can't suddenly end the whole war, we can do something -- and it could save lives.

Even as the bombs keep falling, aid workers and brave local volunteers are going all out to provide for everyone they can -- setting up hospitals, delivering emergency food aid, and life-saving surgery on the very frontlines of a most brutal war. But their budgets just don't stretch far enough, and they need our help.

So right now, wherever you are in the world, this is a chance to help them save lives -- to help fund these hospitals, provide that emergency care, and feed hundreds of children too weak to cry. Every cent you give will go to this emergency response -- so donate what you can now.

* Note: The child in the photograph above is not Abdo referenced in the text. It is of another Yemeni child, also named Abdo, battling malnutrition at a hospital. Thanks to the incredible help of doctors and health practitioners at an ICU, he was able to survive and unite with his family.