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Emergency Fund for 100% Clean

This weekend the seven most powerful nations will meet at the annual G7 summit and Angela Merkel, who is hosting it, just announced climate is the priority and she’ll propose they commit to a deadline to get completely off fossil fuels.

This is HUGE! Weeks ago we heard climate was not even going to be on the agenda. So Avaaz German members showed up at practically every public event calling on her to be a our global climate hero with such creative stunts that we got her attention. And now she has stepped up, and France has got in behind her.

The problem now is Japan and Canada want the G7 to wait 85 years to get off fossil fuels, even though they know that only gives us a 66% chance to avoid climate catastrophe!

We have just four days to stop them, and experts say the best way is calling them out in the media and shaming them publicly for scuttling the entire global climate deal, and literally putting humanity's survival at risk.

So here’s what we are aiming to do, fast -- run newspaper and TV ads and opinion polls that show they are out of touch with the public, then welcome them to Germany with killer stunts. If we do this well Merkel will have new arguments to get them onboard.

Donate now so that we have enough to cause a stir in time.