Canada: Getting away with murder?

Posted: 2 February 2012
When a Canadian mining company asked a notorious security outfit to evict Mayan families from Lote Ocho and La Union, Guatemala -- eleven women were raped, houses were burnt to the ground, a community leader was killed and another young man paralyzed. Now villagers are standing up and suing Hudbay Minerals for these horrific crimes -- but they need our help to win.

Until now, mining companies housed in Canada and run by Canadians, have been above the law, causing atrocities across Latin America. But this time they went too far -- experts say they could lose their case in Canadian courts and finally be held accountable for their violence.

If we raise enough funds to give these villagers the same legal firepower as Hudbay’s corporate machine, we can achieve justice for the victims and establish new rules forcing all Canadian companies to clean up their act abroad and stop these abuses. Click to chip in. If just 20,000 of us donate today, we could end the mining murders for good.

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