Stop Canada's Big Brother Bill

To the Parliament of Canada:

As citizens concerned by the far-reaching powers to be provided to CSIS under the new proposed anti-terrorism bill, we call on you to say no to Prime Minister Harper and protect our privacy. We will not be governed by fear.
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They won’t be able to kill or harm us, or 'violate our sexual integrity' -- but the Prime Minister just introduced a new anti-terrorism act that would let CSIS do just about anything else. Unless we make this Big Brother bill politically untouchable.

Under the proposed law, agents from our national intelligence agency will be allowed to turn their spy tactics on Canadians and get secret warrants to break into houses, copy or take documents, and even install monitoring devices. Prime Minister Harper is trying to use fear of terrorism to convince Canadians that it’s necessary to give up our privacy -- it’s time to show him we aren’t that easy to manipulate.

Public outcry has worked before when it comes to spying on Canadians -- the Conservatives killed an Internet surveillance bill in 2013 when it became toxic. Now we can do it again -- when 50,000 sign we’ll tell all of our representatives that they can't let this Big Brother bill pass.

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