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Egypt’s intelligence chief Omar Suleiman has made a rare visit to Israel, bringing a ceasefire offer from Hamas and other Palestinian groups -- but talks produced no tangible results, and threats of renewed violence are growing. Yet support for this deal is high, on both sides and internationally. This could be the tipping point--let's do all we can to help it go the right way.

Most ordinary Israelis and Palestinians support a ceasefire, but their voice is lost amidst politicking. Let's send their message in letters ten feet high--by funding a major campaign of billboards, print media and online advertising for a comprehensive ceasefire that addresses all concerns.

We have three sharp concepts being tested with Israeli members (opposite, click link under image to see full detail), and we want your input too. Please give whatever you can now:

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"Ignoring it doesn't change reality: we need a ceasefire"
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