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124,147 have signed. Let's get to  200,000
124,147 Supporters

President & Government of Zimbabwe.: President & Government of Zimbabwe. : ZIMBABWE IS NOT A RHINO SUPERMARKET

A lifetime of work to promote the welfare of RHINO in Zimbabwe & worldwide and the courageous FIeld Rangers who commit their lives daily to protect them. I cannot make a lie of my life and allow Rhino to be given away to the DRC or CHINA.
122,942 have signed. Let's get to  200,000
122,942 Supporters

Save Tāne Mahuta - the world's largest kauri tree

Tāne Mahuta is Aotearoa New Zealand’s largest living being – but the 45m tall, 2,500-year-old kauri tree is under a severe threat from a devastating disease.

Named after Tāne, the son of Ranginui the sky father and Papatūanuku the earth mother, Tāne Mahuta is a highly revered taonga, or treasure. In Māori mythology, it was Tāne who brought trees and birds to earth.

The loss of this ancestor, with a majestic presence that has been known to move some to tears, is incalculable.

Nearly a decade after the discovery of kauri dieback disease, it is continuing to spread largely unchecked through the northern part of the North Island. Thousands of kauri trees have likely been infected and are now dead or dying. The Waipoua forest, home of Tāne Mahuta and many other majestic kauri, is reported to be one of the worst affected areas.

The government response has been slow and ineffectual.

While a new management plan for kauri dieback is being developed, we need to take immediate steps to close kauri forests to people, and to control wild pigs - both major vectors of the disease. Funding should also be made available immediately to implement these measures on a scale befitting a biosecurity emergency

145,891 have signed. Let's get to  200,000
145,891 Supporters

Mr. David L. Stover / Noble Energy: Help us protect the mediterranean sea from the gas rig disaster

Save the Mediterranean Sea and millions of people from a health & ecological disaster, threatend by Noble Energy’s gas rig.
We demand that the gas processing rig be located at the actual site of the Leviathan gas well, 70 miles from shore, The existing location planned - only 6 miles away from shore will seriously impact the health of both the nearby marine and human populations.

We’re concerned that along with the heavy pollution inherent to the standard processing of natural gas to its usable form, there will also be incidents of oil spills and toxic, carcinogenic materials released into the sea, both of which will irreversible pollute the sea, beaches and most importantly the water produced in the desalination plant, only several miles away.

Dear citizens of the world,
You have the power to save children of the Mediterranean coast from irreversible health damages caused by irresponsible gas and oil developments by Noble Energy Inc., one of the most polluting corporations in the world.
We demand transparency about the risks.

We are facing an extreme, irreversible health and environmental disaster to the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, with severe implications for residents along the coastline. The residents are fighting the vast resources of Noble Energy and its partners, which successfully established strong connections with leading politicians worldwide. The gas and oil rig is about to be built using outdated technology, only 6 miles from shore, that will release enormous amounts of toxic & carcinogenic materials to the air and sea. Potential incidents of oil spills will cause irreversible damage to the sea and beaches. Noble Energy’s dubious history with malfunctions, pollution and oil spills in the United States reinforces our concerns. We request that the rig be located above the actual gas well, 70 miles from shore, using the best available technology (FPSO) used worldwide, to prevent the extreme life pollution to the air and the sea.
120,131 have signed. Let's get to  200,000
120,131 Supporters

The Vegan Society: Calling on the Vegan Society to list Palm Oil as a non vegan product

Calling on the Vegan Society to list palm oil as a non vegan product.  Although plant based, the production of palm oil is causing the pending extinction of orangutans, elephants, rhinos, tigers and a multitude of other living beings that cannot survive without their habitat. 
Ethically palm oil goes against vegan morals, an animal's freedom and right to life.  
Countless food brands use palm oil to ensure they cater to the growing vegan market, not just the specialty vegan branded products. 
Skin care, cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products using palm oil derived ingredients are also geared towards the vegan market.  Ingredient manufacturers will not seek an alternative unless there is demand to do so.
According to a recent report by Greenpeace -  Palm oil suppliers to the world’s largest brands, including Unilever, Nestlé, Colgate-Palmolive and Mondelez, have destroyed an area of rainforest almost twice the size of Singapore in less than three years.

Brands using palm oil are under the impression that if it is RSPO certified that it is ethical and not contributing to the extinction of these species. BUT, a recent study carried out by researchers from the University of Queensland and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED), both in Australia, and Borneo Futures, researchers looked at the fate of the critically endangered Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus).The survival of the species depends on whether it has enough viable habitat to survive. In Indonesian Borneo, where palm plantations are taking over the rainforests that constitute the orangutans’ habitat, their prospects look dim. Coupled with this loss of habitat is the routine killing of the great apes, which are viewed by plantation workers as vermin.
The study found there was no evidence that RSPO-certified plantations provided better protection for orangutans. Their populations declined in both certified and non-certified concessions between 2009 and 2014.

Although palm oil is the highest yielding vegetable oil crop, other oils do not rely on the earths valuable and irreplaceable ecosystem on the equator belt to produce yield.   

Time is running out for these critically endangered species who are at crisis point. The vegan society has the power to help turn this issue around.

Will you look back when these critically endangered species have been wiped off the face of the earth and think - we should have done something to help?  So we call on the vegan society to please list palm oil as a non vegan product before it's too late and stand by moral standards of an animals right to life and existence on this earth. 

100,463 have signed. Let's get to  200,000
100,463 Supporters

EP, European Council, EC, CJEU, European Court of Human Rights.:

Our Turkish teachers, who have been working and living in the Republic of Moldova for 25 years, were falsely accused by the Turkish President Erdogan of being part of the Gulen movement and claimed terrorist just like other educators of other countries like it happened in Bulgaria. They have been forcibly taken from their families and homes and illegally deported two days ago to Turkey by the Moldovan State on a request from the Turkish President Erdogan. Now the 7 teachers are in a Turkish prison, without any trial. Even though they are innocent people and they have nothing to do with the politics.

The Moldovan Politicians didn't respect the Human Rights and the Constitution of their own country.

Our Turkish teachers proved to be caring, with kind personalities, honest and in love with their work. They have educated generations of Moldovan students, who had success all over the world. They are more than just teachers for us. They are our family. They have offered us not only knowledge and support in everything we do, but love and humanity. They taught us about tolerance, peace, life, and freedom. They haven't been home, in Turkey, for years. They were missing it a lot. Because of the political situation in their country and the danger, they couldn't go back. Imagine now, after years, they are brought to Turkey with force in order to be tortured and be put in jail or even worse... They come back to their country treated as animals and "terrorists", they do not deserve such a fate, such injustice. This is not how a teacher should be treated.

These are our requirements:  
1. Clear explanations regarding the reason for which our teachers were arrested and sent to Turkey, with the breach of almost all relevant protocols as well as international law.
2. Complete information and proof that these people are members of / have links with the terrorist organization, thus pose a threat to Moldova’s national security.
3. Complete information regarding the exact place in which the 7 people are now, as well their situation.
4. An immediate resign from the director of Moldovan Secret Services and all the people involved in this operation.
5. Public apologies from the Moldovan government addressed to the deported people, as well as to their families, who have suffered psychologically.
6. Massive reaction from the international society and institutions in which the government of the Republic of Moldova is publicly condemning for breaching international law.

Together with a group of students and teachers, we are protesting and signing petitions in order to help them as much as we can. Doing this in the Republic of Moldova is useless because the Government is not doing anything to solve it, or even hear us. This is why we need the support of the whole world, we need justice, we need a voice, we need to be heard! Please help us. The lives of our teachers are in big danger, and we don't have much time...
They are teachers, not terrorists!

You can find  our campaign on facebook: "Teachers, not terrorists campaign"

96,201 have signed. Let's get to  100,000
96,201 Supporters

To all relevant Greek authorities: investigate Zak Kostopoulos' death #JusticeForZak

On Friday 21 September, Zak Kostopoulos, died as a consequence of brutal beatings in Athens Greece. Zak was an HIV+, sex positive, queer, human rights’ activist and defender, also raising awareness performing as drag queen Zackie Oh.

We are mourning him, shocked at the lynching that led to his death, the way in which the police officers acted and the public discourse that was constructed and spread to legitimise the violence perpetrated. We have been dismayed at the way in which the investigation has been carried out by Greek authorities.

The footage of the attack indicate that Zak was inflicted inhuman and degrading treatment that amounts to torture. We call all relevant Greek authorities for a swift, thorough, independent and impartial investigation into the events so that the perpetrators of the violence are brought to justice. The examination ought to take into consideration the motivation of the perpetrators.

We ask for due process and respect for the deceased, who if he were living would be presumed innocent. We call on the authorities to ensure the rule of law and respect for human life so that similar tragic events are not allowed to occur again.
110,837 have signed. Let's get to  200,000
110,837 Supporters

UN Secretary General, António Guterres: #STOPKILLINGSYRIANS

To stop killings on civilians in Syria particularly those residing in the besieged area of Eastern Ghoutah. Also urging the delivery of medical and food supplies to its 400,000 residents.
124,126 have signed. Let's get to  200,000
124,126 Supporters

Arsenal Football Club fans unite in warning to owner, Stan #Kroenke. #WeCareDoYou


As Arsenal fans we have watched with frustration as the team’s football performances have declined over the past decade. When Stan Kroenke began buying Arsenal shares the club had just competed in a first Champions League final. Twelve years on, Arsenal are about to play in the Europa League for the third year running.

Off the pitch, fans have never felt more marginalised, less listened to or valued. This was sadly illustrated when Stan Kroenke forcibly bought out the last remaining supporter-shareholders without even a word of appreciation for their custodianship role in the club.

It feels as though Arsenal is at a crossroads. Things need to change.

What all of us as signatories to this statement want to see is meaningful action by Stan Kroenke to reinvigorate our football club.

This requires work to strengthen the club’s board and football executive and to once again make Arsenal a place where fans have a real sense of belonging.

Change needs to start with better leadership. In his takeover document Stan Kroenke said:

‘KSE’s ambitions for the club are to see it competing consistently to win the Premier League and the Champions League.’

We see little evidence of how this is to be achieved. Instead our club feels like an investment vehicle, personified by the owner's statement that he didn't buy Arsenal to win trophies.

It is sad that an institution like Arsenal FC has such passive ownership. All of us want to see a clear sense of purpose and direction. KSE should start by being more open and accountable and explain how they intend to achieve the goal of winning the game’s major trophies.

If Stan Kroenke is going to be absent from London he needs to make sure the board he delegates to is fit for purpose. There is a desperate need for some new and dynamic appointments. The addition of independently-ˇminded directors can act as a genuine check and balance on the owner. Ideal candidates would have football and commercial expertise relevant to the needs of a football club in 2019, and ideally some ‘Arsenal DNA’.

Arsenal have invested money in recent years, but their approach to both buying players and paying wages looks uncoordinated and appears to lack strategy. There has also been a lot of turnover in the senior football personnel. A strong board would be proactively managing this.

On a matchday the Emirates Stadium can be a soulless place. The atmosphere is poor and there are thousands of empty seats blighting almost every game. If Arsenal really cared they would make sure seats weren’t left empty by investing in an improved ticketing system and actively supporting initiatives like safe standing. The club uses the strapline ‘Always ahead of the game’. It would be good to see action to demonstrate this.

Finally, the very fabric of football in England and across Europe is at threat from proposals for a European Super League.

These moves are driven by the greed of a few so-ˇcalled elite clubs who want guaranteed entry into top-ˇlevel European competition every year. Why care if you finish fifth or lower if automatic qualification is guaranteed? Arsenal and the other clubs involved should understand that fans do not want more meaningless group stage fixtures designed only to rake in more broadcast and ticketing revenue. You could call it the ‘franchisation’ of European Football. Arsenal should immediately clarify they will have no part in this.

As Arsenal Supporters, we care deeply. We would like to hear from our club and see actions that demonstrate that they do too. The first opportunity comes when the Managing Director and Head of Football speak to invited supporters on July 25th. We urge them to address the issues raised here. We will watch with interest.


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