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Stop sexual orientation discrimination in forthcoming Solomon Islands Constitution!

Stop sexual orientation discrimination in forthcoming Solomon Islands Constitution!

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Vincet V.
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Solomon Islands Constitutional Reform Program (CRP),
Solomon Islands Constitutional Reform Unit (CRU),
Constitutional Congress (CC) and Eminent Persons Advisory Council (EPAC) of Solomon Islands,
Cabinet of Solomon Islands,
Constituent Assembly of Solomon Islands,
People of Solomon Islands
Sexual minorities in Solomon Islands are severely stigmatized and discriminated, and even subjected to violence and harassment (in both employment and education) on grounds of sexual orientation.

Same-sex acts of love are also illegal in Solomon Islands, due to the country's discriminating PENAL CODE.

We must act quickly, because the latest draft of the new Constitution of Solomon Islands (advertised by the government on the billboard in the picture) explicitly allows for “discrimination (and for advocacy of hatred, and for incitement to cause harm) on the basis of sexual orientation”! This draft is based “on the 4th and final Joint Plenary ever”; and will soon pass through the Cabinet of Solomon Islands, and through the Constituent Assembly, to become the new Constitution of the country!

We must raise our voices at this moment, because one of the final steps of the Constitutional Reform (namely: state-building by the Constituent Assembly) was normally scheduled for 2015! The current Constitution (of the 1978 Independence Order) has not been replaced yet ... but if nothing changes, the newly drafted Constitution will soon guarantee these violations of international rights to be legally committed by the government, by any company and by any person!

Please sign now to remove the current explicit allowance of sexual orientation discrimination from the draft of the forthcoming Constitution, before this draft becomes the factual new Constitution. Please sign now for the constitutional protection of sexual minorities by adoption of the international rights recognition of sexual orientation as a protected characteristic.

If we can protect sexual minorities constitutionally, the laws from the country's PENAL CODE which criminalize homosexuality will also be overruled and nullified!

It has to be noted that, in Solomon Islands, the Constitution is "the only legal instrument prohibiting discrimination".

 Be part of an urgently crucial step in countering the country's sexual orientation discrimination.

There rests a fierce taboo on this topic in Solomon Islands. Your signature can be the spark for local media to finally open reflection and to mature beyond gay bashing. Let's speak for the voices which cannot speak in Solomon Islands.

For more information, read the article “Sexual orientation [LGBTQ+] and the draft of the new Solomon Islands Constitution”. That article, together with a multi-lingual 'Press' introduction can be found at:

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Update as of 2 March 2016: