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United Nations: Stop the Palestinian's rights being violated.

United Nations: Stop the Palestinian's rights being violated.

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This petition has been created by Aisha H. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Aisha H.
started this petition to
United Nations
Peace and greetings upon those who are reading this.

You may or may not be aware of the state the Palestinians are in. If not, please check the brief video out:

Innocent children, women, and men are being attacked and murdered by bombings carried out by the state of ‘Israel’, which are taking place in the densely populated areas of ‘Palestine'. These Palestinians are being massacred in such a manner that they have nowhere to seek shelter, nor anyone from whom they can seek help. Animals are treated much better, yet these people have had their basic human rights stripped from them for DECADES. Is this what they get for opening their arms and welcoming Jewish refugees into their country? Robbed of their property, money, and most importantly their LIVES. I ask you, how is this suffering right?

Torture that we cannot imagine and much worse has been taking place for a very long time. ‘Israel’ seems to think it can act however it pleases and play with the lives of innocents, just because they can.

At the end of the day before the colour of our skin, our religion, or our language; we are HUMANS. So, I sincerely request you prove that you have some humanity left in you and spare a few minutes of your time to sign this petition, to stop the atrocities and oppression that is taking place on these people. Remember, time never waits for anyone, today it is them, and tomorrow it may be us. So, please sign and spread this message.

Freedom is a right that every human should have.