Rupert Murdoch's friends in government have given him approval to buy nearly half our private media. We have 10 days to challenge the deal .

Last week, Avaaz UK members flooded Parliament with 75,000 messages and phone calls, and joined with 400,000 Avaaz members around the world to stop Murdoch, making the evening news and most major UK media. Our efforts have helped press the government to place conditions on Murdoch's bid to control Britain's largest commercial broadcaster as well as many of our biggest newspapers -- now it's time to up the pressure and stop Murdoch's march to media domination.

Avaaz is launching an all-out campaign to stop the Murdoch deal during the government's 10 day consultation period. If 5,000 of us chip in a few pounds each, we'll have enough to:

a) commission a public opinion poll definitively showing the British public's rejection of the deal b) run large numbers of hard-hitting ads in local constituencies of MPs playing key roles in this deal c) hire a law firm to develop a legal challenge to the deal

We can win this. The government is weakened following the forests and Libya fiascos and they don't want another public humiliation. It all comes down to how hard we fight. Our democracy is worth it!
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