EU: Days to save our fish

EU decision makers:

As citizens concerned about the state of our seas, we urge you to reform Europe's destructive Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). The EU's fishing laws desperately need an overhaul and now you have an opportunity to vote for a science-led plan that could end overfishing. People from across Europe are counting on you to seize this historic opportunity to save our seas.
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Posted: 31 January 2013
Europe's seas may lose the fish we love by 2050, unless we rein in ruthless fishing fleets! In days the EU Parliament can agree a bold new plan to save our seas.

The historic proposal could end overfishing by 2015. Many MEPs support the move, but a group of countries in bed with powerful fishing interests -- led by France and Spain -- are building a last ditch effort to bully ‘undecided’ MEPs to vote no or abstain. If we build a huge wave of public support now, we can convince enough parliamentarians to ensure science, not greed, determines the fate of Europe's fish.

The vote is in just 4 days -- if we win, it’ll be one of the strongest global crackdowns on overfishing. Sign this urgent petition and send this to everyone. When 500,000 have signed, Avaaz will work with key MEPs to deliver our message to the Parliament with a splash that will get everyone's attention.

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