With Parliament hanging in the balance, parties must work together urgently to fix the broken voting system and find better solutions.

But unless we raise our voices now, they could shut us out – going right back to politics as usual.

Let’s act fast – an irresistible public outcry from hundreds of thousands could change our politics for good! Take action now -- sign the petition below now, then spread the word to everyone:

To all the party leaders and MPs:
Most of us voted for hope and change. Do not let us down.
There must never again be an election under this voting system - join together to deliver reform, fair elections and a better democracy. We demand fair votes now!

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Thousands rallying Saturday outside coalition talks

48,508 signatures for fair votes, let's get to 100,000

The counter above includes signatures from Avaaz and our allies 38 Degrees -- almost 50,000 signatures for the same call have also been gathered by TakeBackParliament!

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