Personal Stories of Healthcare Systems Around the World

Following the disinformation about international health systems from health reform opponents in the US health debate, asked members in Canada, the UK, and other countries with national health systems to respond. Within hours, tens of thousands of people signed petitions (see below) and sending in their stories. You can see a live feed of stories in the box below; click the globe icon at the bottom to translate stories into your language.

Stories below, updated in real time

Petition from Avaaz members

To the US Congress and the American people,

We urge you to ignore the myths about health systems in our country and others that are being pushed by US healthcare companies. Our national system of public healthcare works very well and enjoys extremely high levels of public support. We wish you a healthy and honest debate about healthcare in the US.

– Signed by 83,512 Avaaz members outside the U.S. since 12pm on Wednesday, August 19

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