End the Murdoch Mafia

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Posted: 14 November 2011
We won an inquiry into the stranglehold the Murdoch Mafia has on Britain's media -- now we have three days to flood Ofcom with our call to kick out the Murdochs for good and secure a future for our democracy.

The Murdochs are running scared, even trying to silence public outcry by filing legal documents that accuse Ofcom of being biased towards public opinion over industry insiders. We can respond, demanding that Ofcom listen to the people, not the moguls, and follow the overwhelming public call for ownership limits that make sure no one person or corporation ever again controls more than one-fifth of our media.

Ownership limits will bust up the Murdoch Mafia and protect us from future media empires. Let's flood Ofcom's public consultation with our demand for a 20% cap on media ownership -- then forward this email to everyone to build our call:

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