AIPAC: The NRA of US foreign policy

Posted: 28 February 2013
AIPAC is the NRA of our foreign policy, for decades using vast amounts of money and bullying tactics to carry out a pro-war hijacking of US diplomacy in the Middle East. But in two days we have a plan to confront them head on.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee has claimed to represent American Jews as it pushed for war with Iraq and Iran and undermined the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. But most American Jews are progressive and pro-peace, and deeply opposed to AIPAC's hawkish agenda, set by a few right-wing donors. Many Jewish groups are starting to fight back, and it's not a moment too soon -- Israel's right wing government has announced a "peace-killer" plan to build a massive Israeli 'settlement' that would cut Palestine in half. It's been condemned by the entire world and President Obama, but they'll go ahead unless the President holds firm, and to do that, he's got to break free of the grip of AIPAC.

Here's the plan. In three days, AIPAC will hold its widely covered annual gala in Washington. It's usually a show of undisputed strength. But this time we’re supporting Jewish groups to roll out a massive ad campaign across the city (see right) to challenge AIPAC’s grip on US foreign policy. By openly challenging their legitimacy during this moment in the spotlight, we can weaken their grip on our politicians. Check out the ads we’ll plaster across every major subway stop in DC (see above), and chip in just a small amount to help make it happen!
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