The People vs Polluters

The hopes of the whole world fell when Copenhagen collapsed in a weak agreement - everyone except the polluting industry lobbyists who pushed leaders to failure.

The polluters have only one worry now: us. And to send us a chilling message, the most powerful polluter lobbyist organization - the US Chamber of Commerce - is suing a few youth climate activists sponsored by Avaaz for possibly huge amounts of money -- all just because they staged a satirical press conference about the Chamber finally helping to stop climate change.

Let's show them that these intimidation tactics will only make us stronger. Chip in a small donation to:
a) expose and counter the role of the polluter lobby in capturing the US legislature and other democracies.
b) stand behind youth activists targeted by the lobby, e.g. if they are forced to pay damages.

If 20,000 of us chip in just a small amount, we'll outraise the lobby and send a powerful message -- that people-power cannot be silenced.

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