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UN: the first ever People’s Secretary-General

To all members of the United Nations:

As global citizens directly affected by the work of the UN and its leader, I am registering my call to be allowed a say in the election of the next Secretary-General. The UN has a mission to oversee free and fair elections, we call on you to open up this process so the views and values of the world’s people are included over special interests. The world is waiting for a People’s Secretary-General.

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The next leader of the United Nations could literally change the world. She could set the world on a course to stop runaway climate change, solve the worst deadly conflicts, and help countries agree to a humane response to the refugee crisis.

With so much at stake it’s a no brainer that we need to find the best person for the job, but it’s always been decided in secret by five powerful countries. They choose leaders who won’t challenge their power, paralysing the UN in the face of devastating global crises like Syria and Rwanda. But now for the first time we have a chance to make sure we all have a say.

Avaaz can't directly nominate candidates to the UN, but this year for the first time friendly national governments can. And a few countries have said they’ll work with our community to hold the first ever global election, then officially nominate our pick!

Together we can make sure the UN gets the strong, independent leader it deserves -- someone ready to act with determination to change the world. The first debate between candidates is just weeks away -- let's urgently get a million of us to back our planet's first ever global election!

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