Indian Army - Give them medals, not death sentences

Indian Minister for Defence, Manohar Parrikar:

As citizens, we are very concerned about the Indian Army killing dogs and horses when they get old and fail a fitness test. We urge you to urgently scrap this senseless practice and introduce a humane policy that retires these animals with care and protection after their lifetime of service protecting Indian soldiers and citizens. The army must retire them in shelters or with carers and ensure they are protected under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.
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It’s a brutal use-and-throw policy -- Indian army dogs and horses dedicate their lives to service. But the minute they grow old or fail a fitness test, the army kills them!

The head of India’s main animal welfare board, an ex-Army man himself, is now questioning this cruel and senseless policy. But the Defence Ministry could ignore his letter unless thousands of us back his call. These brave animals regularly save citizens’ lives, and should be given medals, not death sentences.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has spoken out for “voteless animals” before. Now he can ensure we don’t betray our best friends. Let’s rush to hit 20,000 signers. We’ll then march with people and pets to his office to deliver our message. Sign now and tell others!

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