Power a game-changer to save the Amazon

This is the best idea ever.

You know the Amazon -- provides 20% of the planet's oxygen, 10% of our biodiversity, our best defense against climate change and home to unique indigenous peoples?

They're cutting it down, at the rate of over 16 football fields *in the time it takes to read this*. No joke.

How do we stop it? Here's the idea -- the world's first, international, fully protected, incredibly massive, reserve park!! A million of us have already backed this idea -- and the Colombian government supports it! Now we just need to win Brazil. President Dilma's popularity is in the toilet right now, and she needs a crowd pleaser - Brazilians love the Amazon, so insiders say she could go for it!

This park will be twice the size of *France*. It sounds like a dream, but we are within striking distance of winning -- one of the best things we ever did. But as soon as it gets close to a win, the ranching and mining lobbies will come hard at it with fistfuls of corrupt money. We need a full bells and whistles publicity campaign to get President Dilma behind this and quickly!

Chip in to help make the Amazon into the world's largest park!