Not in my name

To Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Immigration Minister Tony Burke:

We call on you to scrap the new policy in regard to asylum seekers reaching Australia by boat. This "hardline" approach is cruel and doesn't make financial sense. We are the land of plenty -- we call on you to treat people arriving in Australia by boat with compassion and decency and abide by all international conventions regarding the rights of refugees.
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Posted: 21 July 2013
PM Rudd just shut our gates to the most vulnerable people in the world. He is sending people seeking safety in our country to Papua New Guinea to toughen up Labor's image before the election. Let's tell him we support compassion and decency, not cruelty.

The new plan relegates families that arrive by boat to a life of uncertainty in offshore detention centres with horrific human rights records. It will send genuine refugees to a dangerous country that even SmartTraveler, a government website, advises "a high degree of caution" for travelers, highlighting cases of sexual assault.

We have a chance now to shame him and show him this cruel plan has backfired -- Rudd thinks an inhumane hard line policy will win him votes ahead of the election. But we can show him otherwise and build a massive campaign with one simple message: "Not in my name". Add your name to the petition now and when we get 50,000 of us to speak out Avaaz will put up a giant billboard with every name in Kevin Rudd's Brisbane constituency. Sign now!

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