September 21st Global Wake-Up Call

On September 21, we’re getting together in public places all round the world for "wake-up call" flashmob events pressing our leaders to take action on climate.

Use the form below to register an event in your town, city, village, neighbourhood or community -- just choose a local public place you can get to easily on September 21. The events will be self-organising and follow a simple formula, lasting only about five minutes: it'll be simple for everyone. Avaaz and partners will help turn out a group of fellow-citizens to participate in each event, and we’ll send you all the information you need.

Register a September 21st wake-up event for your area below now!

Register your event information below. It's okay if it needs to change later--the most important thing is to get the date, location and host info right now. You'll get an email with a link that lets you edit this later.

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The Global Wake-Up Call is a joint effort of the TckTckTck Campaign -- an alliance, named for a "tck"ing clock, of organizations and individuals around the world working for an ambitious, fair, and binding global climate treaty. Avaaz's partners at TckTckTck include, Greenpeace, Oxfam, WWF, the Age of Stupid and many others. To learn more, click below:

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The Global Climate Wake-Up Call

On September 21st, the Global Climate Wake-Up Call sent a clear message to world leaders: Go to Copenhagen and act now on climate! Many types of events have taken place all over the world: phone-call flash-mobs, The Age of Stupid film premiere screenings, mass rallies -- all organized by Avaaz and our partners in the TckTckTck campaign. Click on your country below to see event details. Click below to see our Global Hub page, watch the video, see pictures of the events and leave a message on our Live-Blog

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