Clinton: Keep up the Pressure on Burma!

To Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

As concerned citizens across the world we call on you to send a message to the Burmese regime that policy to Burma will only change when all remaining political prisoners are released, there is a genuine ceasefire, human rights violations end, those responsible are held to account and there are serious efforts towards national reconciliation. This could be a moment of hope for the desperate Burmese people, and your message holds the key to real reform.
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Posted: 28 November 2011
In three days Hilary Clinton will visit Burma, and her message could finally force this brutal regime to major democratic reforms. But if she simply applauds initial changes and speaks of lifting sanctions, the country could be thrown back into crisis.

This year the regime has made moves to open up politics and the media. But military rule is entrenched, most political prisoners remain in jail and the Burmese army's brutality has kicked into high gear targeting ethnic civilians. US companies are lobbying to go back into Burma now. Only if we keep the pressure up and let Clinton know people across the world are watching her words closely can we ensure she calls for an end to the bloodshed and real reform. 

The Burmese regime wants the US to recognise them and lift sanctions now. Let's make sure Clinton plays her strategic cards right and only changes tack when democratic reform goes from veneer to entrenched and those responsible for the violence are held to account. Sign the urgent petition to Clinton now -- families of political prisoners and ethnic leaders are meeting with her in Burma and will deliver our petition directly.

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