We are not afraid, we remain united for our freedom

To all our fellow citizens :

We, citizens of the world, stand with the people of Paris and urge our leaders to protect our freedom of speech and put an end to the blaze of violence and fear. Yesterday’s atrocious attack must not divide us, let’s unite against fears and prejudice. It is our best defence against extremism and the best path to living together the way we all aspire to
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Drawing by Jean Julien

Yesterday’s attack in Paris not only took the lives of 12 Charlie Hebdo journalists and cartoonists: it is a threat to the very essence of democracy everywhere - freedom of speech, our rights, and our global shared humanity.

Only a minority of violent radicals are celebrating right now. But without doubt, extremists from all sides will try to use this tragedy to divide our societies, playing on our fears and prejudice, and silence us through intimidation. But this terror can unite us more than ever before -- it depends on us.

If in the next 48 hours our voices join in solidarity and unity from all corners of the earth and all religions, to defend press freedom, diversity and tolerance, we will be louder than the voices of hatred and violence.

Join the global call to stand with the people of Paris now -- let's show we won’t be divided and silenced. When we are a million strong, Avaaz staff will deliver it to doorstep of the Charlie Hebdo offices: “We are united”, “We are Charlie”. 

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