Stop TISA the secret trade agreement

To EU Trade Commissioner Malmström, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann, Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga and all negotiating parties:

The Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) currently under negotiation behind closed doors could promote the privatisation of our water supplies and health system, facilitate the transfer of European bank data into the US, and introduce undemocratic private courts. We call for a halt of the secret negotiations on TISA and the publication of the EU negotiation mandate.
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TTIP was just the beginning - now a new secret deal called TISA threatens to privatise our drinking water and health services, and even hand our personal bank details to the US. But together we can still stop the shady negotiations!

Negotiated behind closed doors
, TISA - the Trade in Services Agreement - has far-reaching consequences. Insiders say it will push the privatisation of our water, electricity and health systems, and put data protection at risk. But massive citizen's protests already put a spanner in the works for TTIP, a similar trade agreement, and negotiators are doing all they can to prevent the same public outrage around TISA. With a huge petition at the start of this week's negotiation round, we can turn their plans upside down.

TISA negotiations are a well-kept secret
, many people have never heard of them, and the content of discussions is not revealed. Let's change this now! Sign the petition to stop the negotiations and spread the word to keep key public services out of the hands of corporations!

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