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Send a message to Merkel, and show how Europe stands with the people of Greece!

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    Our media is covered with messages of what Merkel, the ECB and Juncker are saying about this crisis, as if they are the only European voices. But we are also Europe and our voices should be heard.

    Use the comment box on the right to send a message to Merkel about why she should change course to avert the crisis, and express your solidarity with the people of Greece.

    Here are some talking points for guidance -- but it's always best to write from your heart. Our comments will be sent to Merkel’s office, to the media, and shared with our Greek members to give them courage and hope!
    • For Greece to face more years of this crippling austerity is unthinkable. For it to be driven from Europe for saying "No" is unacceptable.
    • 91% of the "bailout" money didn't go to Greece, but to cover the losses of big banks and speculators who made reckless loans.
    • The Greeks have complied with austerity -- they've cut salaries and spending, privatised, deregulated, and raised taxes.
    • Austerity has failed: the economy has shrunk by 25%, over 40% of children live in poverty, and infant mortality has risen by 43%.
    • A wide spectrum of economists agree the answer for Greece is a debt conference to restructure and reduce Greek debt.
    If you have time -- upload a photo of yourself with “NO” written on your hand to show that you say "No" to more failed austerity and more suffering. Avaaz'll share the best photos on our Facebook Page!

    Let's create a huge citizen's wake up call against austerity and for a fairer Europe, based on common sense policies that put people before banks. If enough of us speak out, we can reach Merkel and push her to see reason.

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