Syria: A brighter tomorrow

Syrian children may feel little hope today, but right now we have a powerful chance to help save their future .

A staggering 6 million Syrians have fled the fighting, many of them children. In many wars, they become a 'lost generation' that knows guns more than books, and never get a chance to build a better life. But this time, there's an exciting plan to change that.

Inspiring 16-year old campaigner Malala Yousafzai and UN Education Envoy Gordon Brown have teamed up with our community to deliver a challenge to governments: if we can raise $1 million, we'll call on each donor country to match us 10:1 to raise the $100+ million needed to start putting every Syrian refugee child in school!

In just days, we've collected over $1 million. Donate now using the tool on the right. We can't yet end Syria's nightmare today, but we can invest in its children and a brighter future for them tomorrow.