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Posted: 11 June 2012
Old media is collapsing, with major newspapers going bankrupt and those left standing too often beholden to big corporate owners and advertisers. The resulting "news," when not skewed to suit the interests of a few, is often superficial and disempowering -- constantly reporting problems without offering solutions or opportunities to act.

Our world is facing historic crises, and we need to build a media that can rise to the challenge -- a media powered by people, not big business.

With almost 15 million email subscribers, the readership of Avaaz is bigger than most of the world's biggest news publications. That's why we're launching the Avaaz Daily Briefing, a website to provide the news that really matters to the global citizen, with deep insights and ideas of what we can do about the challenges facing our world.

An astonishing 97% of our community voted for this idea in our annual poll last January. We've spent months shaping the concept and recruiting an initial team of top journalists, and now we're ready to scale up and get started! If 20,000 of us donate just a small amount each right now, we'll have enough to fund the first 6 months of this exciting new big idea. Donate here to make it happen.
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