Taking aim at the BBC

To John Whittingdale (Minister of Culture, Media and Sport), David Cameron and other key MPs in Parliament:

The BBC is a crucial public service broadcaster in Britain and across the world which millions of people rely on everyday. We call on you to protect this British institution by ensuring it has the necessary governance structure which is free from interference and the required resources to remain a strong, independent and inspiring broadcaster.
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David Cameron just declared war on an unlikely target -- the BBC. With the NHS on life-support, another great British institution faces a nasty battle to stay intact.

John Whittingdale, the new Media and Culture Minister, a vocal critic of the BBC called its licence fee a "poll tax” and is known to be close to Rupert Murdoch's top brass. And the fate of the BBC now lies with him.

The public wants the BBC to be protected not persecuted and many Tory MPs agree. Let's wrap our arms around the 'beeb' and prevent one of Britain’s greatest assets coming under attack.

We have no time to lose. First, we’ll work with insiders, media and citizens to build a groundswell of support, then we'll call on international voices to speak out and show the government that dismantling this global institution is off limits -- add your name and share now.

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