Hillary tell Karimov: Stop Murdering Motherhood

To US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

We call on you to publicly condemn forced sterilisations and other human rights abuses inside Uzbekistan. We urge you to end the flood of cash and re-impose sanctions on the Uzbek regime until independent experts confirm these atrocities have ended. Finally, we call on you to ensure that military assistance to Uzbekistan is contingent on wide-ranging improvements in human rights. 
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Uzbekistan's dictator is forcing doctors to cut out women's uteruses without their knowledge or consent to promote 'birth control' across the country. It’s a vile and bloody crime against women being orchestrated by an odious strongman, and now is the time for it to end.

Karimov is one of the world’s worst dictators, he’s even boiled opposition activists alive. Yet he’s propped up by millions of dollars from the US government, which pays him for military transport across the country. The latest round of brutality against his country’s women has turned the global spotlight on this monster. Let’s use this awful moment to persuade his biggest backer to ditch him.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can reinstate military sanctions and push the US and other powers to lift any and all support. She has already publicly condemned Karimov for human rights abuses, and this most recent assault on women's rights -- a topic she champions -- only ups the stakes. Sign the petition above calling on Clinton to end Karimov's reign of terror and stop the brutal attack on women.

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