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ONU, COP24: Make a world parliament for the climate

ONU, COP24: Make a world parliament for the climate

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Questa petizione è stata creata da Lamberto Z. e potrebbe non rappresentare il punto di vista della comunità di Avaaz.
Lamberto Z.
ha lanciato questa petizione diretta a:
The Earth is in danger

The division of the world into sovereign national States prevents the efficient resolution of global issues,
among which climate change resulting from human activities. Overcoming such division starting with
Europe, through the creation of the European Federation, is an essential step that will allow to implement
immediate, clear‐cut and consistent actions for the global reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, to
prevent the rise of the average temperature that will otherwise increase relentlessly for all citizens of the
Earth and for future generations.
Enough with the States’ inertia and selfishness!
Until now, no significant measure, policy or provision has been adopted at global level to put an end to a
situation that is becoming irreversible.The agreement reached at the COP 21 in Paris is entirely insufficient
to reduce CO2 emissions. because this work has been given to business.

Let us stop the Earth fever

By reducing the CO2 emissions from the UN Climate Change Conference that will be held in Katowice,
Poland in Dicember 2016, entrusting climate stabilisation to international agencies suited to the global
character of the climate change challenge, that no state in the world can face unilaterally.

The challenge must faced jointly

The most polluting countries (United States, European Union, China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan,
South Africa) must join efforts to face the climate change challenge, with a world important political act to be
implemented Katowice or in the months immediately following.

A Global Environmental Plan

Entailing binding commitments by the States and the creation of a World Environmental Organisation
invested with real powers and managed by an independent High Authority, relying on sufficient financial
resources. This World Organisation will be the instrument required to manage jointly global environmental
issues, to encourage developing countries to share the reduction of carbon (CO2) emissions and urge
developed countries to help them, providing them with significant financial and technological support. The
organisation model being proposed is that of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) in the
European unification process.

A global carbon tax

The financial means must result from automatic revenues through the implementation of a global carbon
tax, devised as an addition to the national excise duties on fossil fuel consumption, applied in all the
aforesaid countries. The European Union has the capacity and will to take up a leadership role in the
ecological conversion of the world economy, and will have to prove it by implementing without delay the
European carbon tax in the Eurozone countries, and by proposing at the Katowice Conference the creation
of the World Environmental Organisation, starting with the countries that are currently available.

As European citizen, we request:

‐ A initiating and leading role for the European Union in the ecological conversion of the economy;

‐ The achievement of the Federal Union of Europe, with the creation of a European democratic government,
capableof speaking with one voice, to make it possible for the European Union to fulfil this role efficiently.

Institute for Studies on Federalism and European Unity
“ Paride Baccarini “

Via Amendola 14 ‐ 48022 Lugo (RA) ‐
Einstein Center for International Studies
Via Schina 26 ‐ 10144 Torino

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Un ruolo attivo dell’Unione Europea
Pubblicato il: 11 Novembre 2016 (Aggiornata:  16 Gennaio 2018)