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Mark Rutte, Ronald Plasterk: We demand that the dutch government stop intervening in Aruba’s government.

Mark Rutte, Ronald Plasterk: We demand that the dutch government stop intervening in Aruba’s government.

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Deze petitie is gecreëerd door Cedric T. en geeft niet per se de standpunten van de Avaaz-gemeenschap weer.
Cedric T.
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Mark Rutte, Ronald Plasterk

Every year on the 18th of March the people of Aruba are united through the national holiday ‘Dia di Himno y Bandera’ where the National Flag, Anthem and Aruba’s independence within the dutch kingdom are commemorated. Since 1986 Aruba has a status aparte within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the people of Aruba can finally vote for their own government and parliament which have Aruban interests at heart. This ‘Status Aparte’ didn’t come easy, the Aruban people fought long and hard with their blood, sweat and tears for their independence.

However, the dutch government has recently made clear that they lack respect for the Aruban independence and autonomy by instructing the Aruban governor not to sign the governmental budget. The dutch government does not have this right and by doing so has breached the constitution of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and has taken the Netherlands and Aruba one step back into the colonial age.

Unlike some of the other ex-colonies in the dutch kingdom, Aruba has never asked the dutch government for debt rescheduling and has always repaid all their loans. At the moment, the Aruban public debt in percentage of the GDP is comparable to that of the Netherlands. Unemployment has dropped and the economy is growing, the same can’t be said for the current economic situation in the Netherlands. The Aruban government isn’t asking for, nor does it want to receive any financial aid from the Netherlands.

Until the governmental budget has been signed by the governor, students won’t receive their loans, retired citizens won’t receive their pension and orphanages won’t receive their funding. The citizens who have worked hard and helped build Aruba, the citizens who require government assistance and the youth will all be affected by this abuse of power by the dutch government.

By instructing the governor to refrain from signing the budget, the dutch government has made clear that the constitution doesn’t always apply and by doing so has devalued the votes of the Aruban citizens and has attacked the independence and autonomy of Aruba. We demand that the dutch government stop intervening in Aruba’s government which the Aruban people have voted for and to adhere to the constitution of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
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