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Charities: Do the right thing and do not accept this bequest!

Charities: Do the right thing and do not accept this bequest!

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Deze petitie is gecreëerd door Barber D. en geeft niet per se de standpunten van de Avaaz-gemeenschap weer.
Barber D.
heeft deze petitie aangemaakt voor
Henk-Willem Laan from SKG and Hans Fokkens from DOA
Our beloved Cees Mouwerik made a human error. No doubt, Cees had forgotten about the will he drafted in 1997, years before he met Betsy, otherwise he would left Betsy well taken care of as they were married in community of property, which means upon either of their deaths the estate transfers to the living partner.

Whatever human mistake caused this situation doesn’t matter, what we do know is that the charities Stichting Het Gehandicapte Kind (Foundation The Disabled Child) and Dieren Opvang Amsterdam (Animal Shelter Amsterdam) are claiming Cees’s estate at the expense of his wife; something Cees would have never have wanted to happen.

Journalist Irene van der Linde recently wrote a very insightful article in De Groene Amsterdammer about this case*. In the article she raised the following questions: Are the charities morally allowed to claim estates which clearly should not have gone to them? What are the ethical guidelines for charities when it comes to claiming inheritances, which clearly should not go to them? What are the boundaries between mercy and greed??

Everybody agrees, these questions need to be answered. Unfortunately, we also realize this will be a tedious political and legal process. The question is, whether Betsy will be with us long enough to hear the answers.

We, friends, family, acquaintances and supporters of the late Cees Mouwerik and his widow Betsy Alange believe that something needs to be done immediately, since these charities: Stichting Het Gehandicapte Kind and Dierenopvang Amsterdam heartlessly claim Cees’s will from 1997 without regard to his subsequent marriage and his clear wishes that his estates should go to his wife.

Nothing from the past, absolutely nothing, indicates that Cees, who was happily married to Betsy for 16 years, had the intention of disinheriting his wife. Even more so, Cees was a man of faith, who always put family first. His will from 1997 is the complete opposite of everything he believed in.

This is why we urge Stichting Het Gehandicapte Kind and Dieren Opvang Amsterdam not to accept Cees’s will of 1997.
* You can find the article (English below the Dutch version) here:

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