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Call For Definitive Action by TU Delft Regarding Exams and Other Matters Related to the Pa

Call For Definitive Action by TU Delft Regarding Exams and Other Matters Related to the Pa

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Deze petitie is gecreëerd door Gabriela G. en geeft niet per se de standpunten van de Avaaz-gemeenschap weer.
Gabriela G.
heeft deze petitie aangemaakt voor
TU Delft
We the students of the Technical University Delft ask the Board of Examiners of the following:

• To communicate more effectively and clearly in matters relating to the pandemic

• To hasten the decision whether to reschedule exams for the third Quarter of the 2019-2020 school year and give an answer no later than 30 March

• In the event that the exams continue as planned, that the Board must allow for fair examination for all students regardless of present location.

• To prevent further postponing of study, the board works with professors in coming up with alternative solutions to achieve the credits necessary to graduate without excessive delay. The alternative methods must also be communicated to all students within an appropriate period of time.

• To ensure that effective methods are in place for the fourth quarter.

The effects of the pandemic are widespread and have caused great uncertainty for a great many people. In times of such uncertainty, definitive action must be taken to reassure heightened anxieties.

The latest message from the executive board of the TU Delft stated the following:
“no later than 4 working days before an examination, [students] will be informed whether it will take place on the scheduled date and in what form, or whether it will be rescheduled. ”
The official exam period starts in less than two weeks on April 6 and ends on April 17. Up until then, many students, both Dutch and international, will not only be studying for their exams but will also have the added anxiety of worrying about the possible cancellation of said exams. The pandemic has also sent many international students back to their home countries, further disadvantaging them due to the distance, time difference, and added trouble in communication. The pandemic could very well result in the postponing of study for many students and a delay in achieving their degree, but giving a definitive answer regarding rescheduling well ahead of the examination period would allow all students to plan more effectively.

In these times when help is needed most, the bright minds studying at the TU Delft can allocate their time into helping their communities, their families, and themselves rather than spend this time studying for exams that are currently in limbo. For this reason, we the undersigned ask the Board to explore all possible options and make their decision meticulously, but quickly, so as to assuage the added anxiety during this pandemic
Geplaatst: 24 maart 2020 (Laatst bijgewerkt: 23 april 2020)
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