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Save the World Natural Heritage site "Western Caucasus"

Save the World Natural Heritage site "Western Caucasus"

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Эта петиция была создана пользователем Evgeny, чье мнение может не совпадать с мнением сообщества Авааз.
создал эту петицию с обращением к
The President of the Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir Putin
The ecologists and scientists are seriously concerned about the prospect of expanding Krasnaya Polyana ski resort within specially protected natural areas adjacent to the Western Caucasus UNESCO World Heritage property.
Large-scale deforestation and the destruction of the protected areas commenced during preparation for the 2014 Olympic Games.

the report on these violations http://ewnc.org/files/sochi/Doklad-Sochi-2014_EWNC.pdf

However, after the Olympics the situation has not changed. Expansion of the private ski resorts, constructed on the protected areas under the guise of the Olympic Games, continues.
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Deforestation violates the fragile ecological and climatic balance in the region; one of the consequences of which are increased floods.


While the 2014 Winter Olympics was nevertheless declared a national project of the Russian Federation, nowadays the destruction of the unique natural habitats, being the heritage of this country and the whole world, is planned exclusively for the benefit of a private commercial company. Rosa Khutor Company plans to construct two new ski resorts, Engelmanova Polyana, and Loyub-Kardyvach.


The expansion of a private ski resort will ultimately destroy the Mzymta River ecosystem, a strategic reserve of drinking water for the city of Sochi, which had already suffered during the preparation for the 2014 Winter Olympics.
Mzymta river upper reaches are of great value not only because they accommodate rare plants and animals. The main value of the Mzymta river is clean drinking water for half million Sochi population.
Upon the initiative of the Russian Federation, Mzymta river upper reaches according to the commitments made prior to the 2014 Winter Olympics shall be transferred to the Caucasus Nature Reserve in order to ensure their conservation and protection.
It is declared in the "Action Plan for Restoration of the Mzymta River ecosystem and preparation of the compensatory measures within the framework of the environmental support of Sochi 2014 XXII Olympic Winter Games," adopted upon the initiative of the UN Environment Program (UNEP) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as well as in UNESCO World Heritage Committee sessions decisions


Instead, the actions, which directly contradict these official intentions of the Russian Federation, are going on. Priceless natural areas of Mzymta river upper reaches are prepared for development. Particular perplexity has been caused by the fact that these national and global values are intended to be provided to the private companies, Rosa Khutor and Ober Khutor solely in their own commercial interests, for the expansion of the tourist and mountain skiing facilities.


To: the President of the Russian Federation
Mr. Vladimir Putin

Mr. President,

We ask you to take your personal control over the situation related to the seizure by private skiing companies of unique natural areas of Mzymta River upper reaches, included in the Sochi State Zakaznik (preserve).
Once, in 2008, you made the most important decision to refuse economic development of Grushevy Ridge as it could cause damage to the natural habitats of the Caucasus Nature
Reserve, including the Persian leopard reintroduction program.
However, your promises to the international community to increase the conservation status of the Sochi Zakaznik made on the eve of Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games, as well as commitments to carry out activities to restore Mzymta river ecosystem, have not been fulfilled so far.
Currently, in the zakaznik area adjacent to the UNESCO World Heritage property, Rosa Khutor Company plans to construct two new ski resorts: Engelmanova Polyana and Loyub-Kardyvach. In 2015, an illegal construction of a road from the finish area of ​​Rosa Khutor resort towards Mzymta river upper reaches already commenced.
We are also concerned about the plans of further expansion of Rosa Khutor resort into the territory of Western Caucasus World Heritage Site that threatens the Outstanding Universal Value of this site.
In September, 2015, a Public Council under the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources voted against such a development, but the officials failed to consider the opinion of the scientists.
In order to save the global and national natural heritage and implement the post-Olympic international commitments of the Russian Federation, we ask you to instruct the relevant departments to take measures to implement the "Action Plan for Restoration of the Mzymta River ecosystem" and to completely include the Sochi Zakaznik in the Mzymta river upper reaches into the Caucasus Biosphere Reserve, without withdrawal of land plots for rent by Rosa Khutor and Ober Khutor private ski resorts.
Furthermore, it is required to exclude from the Regulations on the Sochi Zakaznik, approved by Order 452 of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources dated 29.10.2015, the critically unacceptable legal norms that legitimize the possibility of destruction of the nature of this zakaznik, namely permission for the construction of the tourist facilities, as well as the construction of communications and business facilities related to the tourist industry.
We ask you to prevent the destruction of unique natural habitats being the natural heritage of this country and the whole world, and ultimate destruction of Mzymta River ecosystem, a strategic reserve of drinking water for the city of Sochi.

with hope and determination,

Eugene Vitishko