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Avaaz Ethical Research Principles

At Avaaz, we strive to ensure that the research we perform on tech harms and disinformation meets the highest ethical, scientific and data protection standards. In particular we commit to observe the following principles:

  1. Contribute to Human and Planetary Well-being
    1. We strive to maximize benefits to individuals and society and minimize harms
    2. We treat societal concerns seriously and we aim to publish our research to increase awareness and to contribute to the public interest
  2. Privacy & Safety
    1. We comply with the GDPR, and/or other national regulations where applicable, in our data collection, protection & minimization policies, and in accordance with our published privacy policies.
    2. In addition to our legal obligations, we strive to protect identities through confidentiality, anonymization and image blurring, taking into account the public interest.
    3. We seek to ensure that our research does not put any individuals in danger.
    4. We advise those we work with on how to increase their digital and personal security.
  3. Cultural Competence
    1. We are sensitive to differences of cultural, political or other opinion and actual or perceived differences in income, status or power.
  4. Integrity & Transparency
    1. We respect the contributions, ideas and creative works of others through proper attribution
    2. We ensure our research designs, methodologies, data, and results are open to scrutiny
    3. We acknowledge the limitations of research design, methodology, and results
    4. We strive to ensure the accuracy, accessibility and completeness of data and results
    5. We strive to disclose conflicts of interest
  5. Accountability
    1. We publish and disseminate our research to help inform public debate
    2. We take responsibility for the work we publish
    3. We are receptive to feedback about the research