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Global Citizens Summit: Share Your Wisdom
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The Avaaz team is gathering this week to chart our next steps, and our whole movement needs to be part of it. The choices we make now, as citizens and as a movement, may determine the world our children live in.

Let's take a deep breath, drawing on all that our life experience has given us, and listen for our wisdom about the way forward, for each of us, for our movement, and for the world.

Please offer whatever feels right, and read others' comments. After you do, take our movement survey which will give us a clear picture of our common ground.

Here are some questions that might help to focus:
  • How does Avaaz respond to spreading ethnic-nationalism?
  • What is the best focus for our energies right now and in the coming year?
  • What is our long term vision - where do we see Avaaz, and the world, in 5, 10, 20 years?
  • What does our movement need to become, how do we need to change, to rise to the challenges we face?
This deliberation is about the big global picture, short term and long term. But since the US election result is on our minds, here's a memo to the movement about it, in case it's helpful.

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