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Sign for a people's vaccine
Sign for a people's vaccine
Join Nobel laureates, scientists, public figures and citizens from all corners of the globe to demand a People’s Vaccine, available to everyone, everywhere:

To G7 leaders, pharmaceutical companies CEOs, and all member countries of the World Trade Organization:

We call on you urgently to ensure access to lifesaving Covid-19 vaccines, treatments and equipment for everyone in the world. Patents should be suspended, technological knowledge shared freely and openly, and no profiteering allowed during this pandemic. Governments, scientists and pharmaceutical companies must cooperate and combine resources to ensure no one is left behind. The pandemic will not be over, until it’s over everywhere.

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Recent signers

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Dr. M. Yunus
Nobel Laureate
Annie Lennox
Dia Mirza

Sharon Stone

George Clooney

Yemi Alade

Forest Whitaker

Lily Cole

Peter Gabriel

More about the campaign:

Covid vaccines could save millions of lives -- but there's a catch.

The vaccines are owned by Big Pharma giants and they can’t produce enough for everyone fast -- the world's richest countries have already bought most of the doses, leaving developing nations facing a massive shortfall.

But it doesn't have to be like this. Right now, governments are discussing a global plan to suspend all patents for Covid-19 vaccines, allowing global production to be scaled up rapidly.

Let's make it happen -- add your name to this urgent appeal and join Nobel Laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus, George Clooney, Annie Lennox, Dia Mirza, Sharon Stone, Yemi Alade, Forest Whitaker, Lily Cole, Peter Gabriel, and millions of people from around the world, to demand vaccines for all!

Patents must be lifted -- it's happened before. In 2001, after years of public pressure, the countries of the world agreed to free HIV/Aids treatments from patents, allowing affordable, generic versions to be made, saving millions of lives. Now they must do it again.

India and South Africa, supported by over 100 developing nations, have tabled an emergency proposal at the World Trade Organisation to temporarily suspend the patents for Covid-19 vaccines and treatments until the pandemic is over.

Governments are meeting in days - so let’s create a huge wave of public support to help pass this emergency proposal, and make Covid treatments available to everyone!

  • UPDATE May 2021: The US announced that they support a temporary waiver on Covid-19 vaccine patent laws! Now is the moment to intensify the pressure on all G7 countries, ahead of the summit in a few weeks. If they agree to share the vaccine patents and technology, invest in manufacturing, and pay their fair share to cover at least 60% of the global costs, we can end this pandemic sooner, for everyone. Join now and share the campaign:

This petition combines the total number of signatures collected by Avaaz and the partner organisations of the People's Vaccine alliance. 


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