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Stop this War!
Stop this War!
Sign the Global Open Letter to protect civilians in Rafah and stop the war:
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The world is holding its breath as Israel prepares for a massive ground invasion in Rafah, the last refuge in Gaza where over a million civilians have gathered. Thousands more innocent children could die, caught in the crossfire with no escape. Right now, Israel’s Minister of Defense is in DC to request more weapons ahead of the attack on Rafah. Sign this urgent plea for peace -- calling President Biden to halt arms to Israel before it's too late.

Stop this War!

"Dear President Biden,

You can stop Israel from invading Rafah and starving over a million civilians to death.

America is Israel’s biggest arms dealer. You are giving American weapons to a government that is blocking life-saving aid and violating international law. This will only stop when you demand it stops.

As people from across the world, we call on you to stop fueling death and suffering in Gaza.

No more arms to Israel!


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